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Dogtown is a top-rated indoor dog service provider in Jacksonville. The facility, which is all indoors, boasts over 30,000 sq./ft. and is home to a luxury boarding, daycare, spa, animal hospital, and natural pet food market. It’s no wonder you will find everything for your dog under one woof.

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The Dogtown family is made up of dedicated dog lovers that treat each guest as if they were their own. Everyone at Dogtown completes a national training program that focuses on dog interactions, dog behavior, and off-leash play. This enhances the Dogtown experience and provides quality, supervised, fun interactions for all our guests each and every day.

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Dog Resort in Jacksonville, FL

Are you looking for an all-inclusive dog resort in Jacksonville, FL, that is unlike any other in the area? Then you’re in luck – Dogtown is a luxury dog hotel and spa designed to give your furry friend the pampered experience they deserve when you are away. Why should your pets be left in an uncomfortable kennel when you go on vacation when they can, instead, stay in our dog hotel and receive the perfect treatment and care.

While you are away, your pets are able to have as much fun as you like to have, all in a safe indoor environment, by staying at our dog daycare. We give pets the love and attention they deserve when they stay with us, including providing everything necessary to ensure your pets are happy and healthy, both physically as well as emotionally.

A Dog Hotel Affiliated with National Pet Industry Leaders

You wouldn’t just leave your pet with just anybody. When you go looking for dog boarding for your pet, you want to know that it is going to be looked after by someone that knows what they are doing. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is receiving the very best in dog care by leaving them at our all-inclusive pet resort.

Our staffs are certified members of the Dog Gurus and the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA). These not-for-profit organizations set the standard in pet care, providing ongoing training and education all over the world. With these certifications, you can be confident that your pets are safe and well-looked after when you entrust them to us. The types of services we offer include:

Handling All of Your Pet’s Needs

Whether you need temporary dog boarding, a regular daycare, or just want to treat your dog to a spa day, you can rely on the team at our luxury dog hotel and spa to cater to all of your pet’s needs. The health and safety of your pets are always our top concerns, which help you feel confident and comfortable leaving them in our care.

We are happy to note any of your pet’s specials needs when you drop them off with us. This enables us to ensure they receive the proper care they require throughout their stay. Expect your furry friend to be happy and refreshed when you are ready to take them home after they have stayed at our all-inclusive dog resort.

Contact us for more information about scheduling an appointment for your pet at our dog resort in Jacksonville, Florida.